"I have more than one FAVE!... call waiting and something different... so that means I LOVE it!!!"

"Esteemed, ethically important, Significant in this world. Understood."

"After listening it makes you want more.
*A refreshing sound of poetry *romantic *stylish."

"Time and love and I gives you an emotion that no one but you and the one you love can understand."

"It's a beautiful tribute to Black Men."

Play ‘til the end is a slow waltz, that takes you through a masterful transformation that asks: 
how far would you trust your mind to move within silence…without engaging?”

I love you black man inspires romantic meditation before, during, and after ...
an introspective journey through love as it occupies the nucleus of our being, ​not just the periphery.

"TALAI - gives me perspective on the redeeming power of love, makes me feel real good."

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Time and Love and I...World Premiere Video

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time and love and I...

le temps, l'amour, et moi
I love you black man
Je t'aime homme noir
watching you
play 'til the end
jouer jusqu’à la fin
call waiting
something different
Abba Father